A selection of beautiful landscapes in the neighborhood of L’Estefana. Ask us for more options.

Target group: Everyone
Boating, fishing, hiking, cycling: in many ways you can discover nature on, in and around this beautiful river. The Loire completely depends on rainwater and that makes it turbulent in some seasons. Salmon and migratory birds thrive well in the midst of the rich but fragile flora. The natural course of the river creates beautiful (private) beaches where you can enjoy a picnic with your ‘feet in the water ‘. Buggy and rollator-friendly ‘voies vertes’, small towpaths and quiet country roads lead you to beautiful villages, towns and castles along the last and longest (1012 km) untouched river of France.

Canal de Roanne à Digion
Target group: Everyone
This channel runs parallel along the Loire and was realized in the period 1827-1838 to allow inland navigation from Digoin to Roanne because the Loire was not suitable for this. It is 55 kilometers long and has 10 locks to bridge the height difference of 37.27 meters. It was once the intention to continue the channel and connect it to the Rhone via the Canal of Givors. Because other means of transport were commonplace, this has never happened. Now it is a quiet channel for recreational shipping.

Target group: Families with children
Large picnic spot at the bridge over the Loire. There are playgrounds for children, a jogging track, a large fishing pond (separate from the Loire), and on the Loire itself a beautiful pebble beach where you can bathe and can watch how canoeists paddle past. You have to know where it is and that makes it a quiet place, even in high season. Cross the bridge, keep left towards the water. Drive past the parking place, go as far as possible and you will automatically reach the fish pond. Good base for a bike ride on the ‘voie verte’.

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