Who we are

On the day our rabbit went on hunger strike due to attention deficit, we realized that our current life was no longer correct. After the liquid feeding of a dazed rabbit one of us had to prepare lunch for the children at 11 o’clock in the evening, while the other had to prepare a meal for dinner so that our daughters could  at least get a good meal  on a proper time at the day-care the next day. And all of this so that we parents could work long enough to manage stress and mortgages.

Can it be different?
Years ago we sighed to each other ‘let’s start a camping’, it always ended up different, but in the end our rabbit dropped the penny. We become unhappy with living in the Netherlands with a hungry mortgage, a grumpy car in traffic jams, a tightly shaved stamp-garden and a monthly safe, fixed balance on the bank. Give us adventure and a little bit of insecurity, that awakens our creativity.

Coming home
To make it short: we went to Burgundy. A region where we have been coming for years. At first because that name already predicts the good of life, but before you know, you have sold your heart to that region. You come there for the first time with a dribbling toddler, then with the second in the belly and a few years later with the complete family. Every time there was that feeling, here we feel at home, here we do not want to leave. That is now a thing of the past: we have gone to stay.

Snuffie has unfortunately not been able to experience it anymore. After his first wake up, he has accompanied us for a few more years in the Netherlands, but in the meantime he hopped happily through the eternal lawns and we keep reminding our inspirator forever.

We look forward to welcoming you at Estefana. See you soon!