A selection of sports activities near L’Estefana. Ask us for more options.

Kanoë – Baugy
Target group: everyone who is sporty and wants to get wet, children
There are different routes and boats. You reserve the desired route and boat at least a day in advance. You go to the boarding point in Baugy, there the boats are loaded and you get a life vest and watertight. You will then be taken upstream to the chosen mooring place on the Loire in a van. Then paddle to the starting point in Baugy where you can relax with a drink if you want. Very nice with children. In the summer the river is low and you can swim in the Loire on the way.

Grottes de Blanot – Blanot
Target group: everyone for whom steep stairs are no challenge, children from 8 years
Personal guided tour in small groups in French or English. 800 steps lead you to a depth of 80 meters (and later up again). Through exciting, narrow and slippery winding corridors you pass 21 halls with stalachmites and stalactites, each with their own appropriate name. Some are 400 million years old. Adventurous for children. Temperature in the caves is 12 degrees! In the forest around the caves it is also nice to walk.

Forêt de Lespinasse – Vivans
Target group: hikers, mountain bikers, mobility scooter / buggy
Beautiful oak forest (455 ha) full of history. In his comments on the Gallic War, Julius Ceasar talks about a skirmish between the legions Arvernes and Aspinassia in the Texonnaria Valley, the forerunner of this forest. There are different routes (hiking or mountain bike), indicated with cheerful figures. There is also a walk for disabled / buggies. There are also fens where you can fish (with permit!) And beautiful picnic spots. Also visit the visitor center Le Grand Couvert in Vivans to learn all about this forest.

Cascade de Pisserotte – Arfeuilles
Target group: everyone with mobility, children
These beautiful, not too big waterfalls are slightly below Arfeuilles. The legend is that here was an unfathomably deep abyss. Everyone who looked into it disappeared into the depths. The villagers tried to fill the whirlpool with boulders, but the whirlpool vomited everything up again, resulting in a waterfall. The course of the waterfall is different in every season. You can have a nice picnic and in the quiet parts you can paddle, nice and refreshing. Good starting point for a hike or mountain bike tour. The GR3 (part of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de la Compostela) runs right past here.

Ski area – Chalmazel
Target group: Everyone
With a chairlift or one of the 7 drag lifts you can go up the mountain Pierre-sur-Haute (1640 m) with your long slats at Chalmazel. You get to a ski area with 16 ski slopes with a total length of 12 kilometers and a snow park. The winter season runs from December to the beginning of March. Ideal for families or friends, enjoy the fresh air and come skiing, sledging, snowshoeing or snowscoot. For children there is a ski school and disabled people can ski in a zitski.

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