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Numéro 16 - 2023

Estefana Bulletin

...and then the 2023 camping season is already over...
The year has flown by with lovely guests who have found our campsite.
This was already our fourth year and we continue to enjoy welcoming everyone and seeing them enjoy our beautiful surroundings, enjoy a delicious drink, snack or chat in our beautiful surroundings.
Warm autumn greetings,
Marvin, Jacinta, Florence, Olivia and also paws🐾 from Lora and Stormy!

Looking back on 2023

We enthusiastically started working on our 2 guest rooms last winter. Unfortunately we have had some setbacks. For example, we had to dig off a section to straighten out the future floor. But because the terrain slopes, we ended up lower than the foundation of our house... So we had to build a new foundation under the walls of our house.
And then it got colder, which made work slower and slower.
When the days got longer and the temperatures improved again, our campsite opened. The lovely guests kept coming, so we decided not to continue and postpone it for a year. But next year, as we enter our five-year anniversary, it will be finished!
>> More information about our rooms

Bridge and play castle
The bridge and the play castle have been completed. With this we have also made our higher plateaus accessible and we have been open with all 15 places this year! The planting has also been done and for privacy we have made a fence everywhere.

Rustic camping

This year we had a nice meeting with Bert Loorbach, author and publisher of the Rustic Camping book series. He will include us in the new edition (in dutch language) of Rustic Camping France that will be published next year!

We will also be on the website
A funny detail: Bert and his wife live next door to us part of the year😀.
>> See Rustic camping

      Opening dates and information 2024

      We have only just closed, but we are already busy planning for next year! In 2024 we will be open longer than you are used to for the first time:
      The campsite is open from April 1 to October 18.
      The rooms are open from April 1 to November 30.
      Next year we will again give a 10% discount if you come and enjoy our campsite or B&B for 7 nights or longer😊.
      >> See our rates page for more information

          On the bike, part 2

          Our campsite is close to the Véloire, EURO VELO 6 and La Loire à vélo cycle routes and therefore we receive many cycle campers. That is why we have already started cycling a part of the way in 2022. This year, Olivia, Florence and Marvin left from the source of the Loire in Montrond-les-Bains (Massif Central, Auvergne) and cycled back to Estefana! 7 days and 334 km with a lot of altitude and altitude. Along the way, at the campsites and in conversations with other cyclists, we have gained inspiration to make Estefana even more attractive for cyclists. What is also very nice is that we can now actually give tips to cyclists and think along with them, because we know the tour ourselves.😊.

          >> View our facilities for cyclists here

          Table d'hôtes

          We look back on pleasant evenings with delicious dinners. Enjoy dining outside at long tables. Many of our products also come fresh from our vegetable garden or are local; so that's double the enjoyment.
          New this year were the pizza and hamburger evenings. Everything deliciously homemade. The guests enjoyed it so much that we will expand this further next year.
          >> More information about our table d’hôtes

          Shop and our own mountain bike map

          This year we have expanded our Bar Bizarre with a few basic products, so that you can always cook something. We often also had something available from the vegetable garden and you could get that. We made many guests happy with this!

          In addition, we have had our own topographical map made with all mountain bike (VTT) routes in the area. This way we can (literally) help our guests get started even better. But even without a mountain bike you can enjoy cycling in the area, we also have maps available for that. Ask us for advice, we know a lot about the area.
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